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Welcome to Get Rekt Professional Esports
We are now accepting applications for try outs. If you are interested in trying out to become a player for Team Get Rekt please submit a application before the deadline of December 1st 2014. All applicants will be evaluated and interviewed to determine the best candidates. We are a professionally mannered team who promotes sportsmanship and a professional demeanor. We seek only respectful and mature players. If you feel you are a great candidate please fill out an application and one of our members will contact you to schedule a interview. We urge applicants apply before December 1st so that we have time to discuss strengths and weaknesses as well as strategies. We will operate at a professional level and respectful mindset thus meaning, no foul language, racism, unsportsmanlike conduct or any grief behavior.  We look forward to meeting with all our applicants and wish all the best of luck.

-Get Rekt Professional Esports

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